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Hi friends today again I am here with another new plant topic this plan is LIC’s Jeevan Sathi Plus. It is a unit linked plan, in this plan a couple can get insurance coverage under the policy on their lives because this love is the insurance of husband and wife.Also in the proposal under this scheme “PLA” means Principal Life Assured. The people participating in this scheme are only eligible for this plan if they are husband and wife and can also get insurance and protection under this policy. The second is called SLA. If these policies are about a lump sum, your policy will have to be completed if the premium is paid regularly. You can also opt for 2 lives before the completion of the PLA as it covers both the policy single premium or simple premium depending on the contract age and also your capacity to pay the total amount agreed to.

Also, in the event of the death of the account holder selected for this policy, if the life cover is in Amul during the policy period, then the outstanding dues will be waived even by paying installments and the future premium will be waived through this plan. LIC will appear. These funds are provided through four types of investment. Premium paid after allotment charge as well as purchase of units according to the selected fund. A unit fund is subject to various charges and the value of the unit you put in may increase as well as decrease depending on the NAV.

Principal Life Assured. may pay premiums regularly at in the ways that the lic will be covered as yearly, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly through installment intervals over the term of the policy of this scheme. Then the said Alternatively a Single premium can be paid to this scheme. Also, the LIC Company has stated that those who choose this premium have a minimum age of 18 years and a maximum age of 55 years are also eligible for this scheme. Also, if you want to pay this premium through installment, you have to pay through regular payment board for 10 years, 15 years and 20 years according to the options available there.

Similarly, if you increase the premium block, you will have to pay for those installed within ten to 20 years. If you take fewer installments, you will have to pay more amount and if you take more installments, the interest you will incur will be higher and the charges will also be higher and it will be a long time process for you. So by choosing a premium plant you will be able to pay the installments in less time and you will get an added bonus. This policy allows you to pick up parcel with drals.

And the said LIC parti k stallments can also provided and formed knto fixed amount or fixed number of units into this policy. Under regular premium policies the users can be pay the premiums have been paid for less than 3 years from the date of policy approval and further premiums are not paid then automatically partial withdrawal shall also not be allowed.

I hope you have understood what I am saying, to know more about this, I request you to contact your nearest life insurance company LIC age party so that you can know the complete details about this and apply for this scheme if you like it here. Please support my channel, your support will bring more interesting articles. If you get your support, it is a waste of duty, so they want you to support and support them.


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