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Hello Friend Today in This Post I am Going to Provide You Best Credit Cards For Students in UK You might be thinking about using a credit card while you are studying because it can be difficult to manage your income and expenses when you are a student.

You can use a student credit card for bigger purchases, for prudent and necessary spending, or to establish credit history for the future, but there are a few things you should think about before making the decision.

What Is a Student Credit Card?

With a typical credit card, consumers can make purchases and then pay for them later, either all at once or over the course of several months.

Your credit limit, which is often determined based on your credit history and affordability, determines how much can be spent.

In order to make sure that repayments can be made, credit cards include an income requirement. That is required of credit companies as part of the responsible lending guidelines.Student credit cards are a little different because they are intended to build credit. Because they need to take into account the fact that teenage borrowers may not have had credit in the past, eligibility requirements are typically less strict.

Due to their target audience being young people who may be dependent on student loans or part-time employment, student credit cards typically have lower annual income requirements.

Benefits of a Best Credit Cards For Students in UK

Credit score

If you manage your credit cards effectively, they can raise your credit score. For later in life, financial items (like a mortgage), you\’ll need to have a solid credit history. The offers you receive will improve as your score rises.

Protection under Section 75

When using a credit card for purchases between £100 and £30,000, Section 75 protection ensures that you will receive a refund if something goes wrong. To be qualified to file a claim for things like repairs, a retailer going out of business, non-delivery, cancellation, and fraud, you can simply just make a small deposit using a credit card.

Money management abilities

Understanding how to correctly manage a credit card account offers you vital personal finance abilities that may make you wealthier in the long term.


Credit cards frequently come filled with cashback and rewards, similar to student checking accounts. If you have a solid repayment strategy, you might be in the black.

Emergency funds

While you\’re waiting for your next student loan instalment, you can use them for emergency cash. Other lower-risk funding options can be tried first, though. You can use your 0% overdraft first, a side job, some cash from your parents, or financial aid from your institution if you are experiencing trouble.

Should you apply for a student or regular credit card?

Although you might have a greater chance of obtaining one, student credit cards often don\’t provide tremendous benefits. They offer lower credit limits, which reduces the likelihood that you will accumulate a lot of debt, but their APRs are typically higher. Thus, it may be expensive if you don\’t pay off your balance in full.

Your possibilities are increased in a few different ways with standard credit cards. A 0% purchase card allows you a window of interest-free shopping if you\’re really disciplined. You might use a 0% credit card for all of your usual purchases while letting your own money accumulate in a savings account (earning you a bit extra in interest).

Despite this, it\’s still crucial to only spend money you have on purchases and to save cash until you need it to settle a bill. The goal is to always pay off the debt in full before interest accrues. In other words, prepare in advance.

A cashback or points card can earn you everything from money back to air miles and gift cards if you like the idea of incentives. If you\’re committed to a particular retailer or supermarket, it might be worthwhile.

Reward points are only worthwhile if you\’re diligent about paying down your amount in full each month. Otherwise, any additional fees, fines, or charges associated with using a credit card could cancel out any gains.

Best Credit Cards For Students in UK

1. Tesco Bank Foundation Credit Card

The Tesco Bank Foundation Credit Card does both if you\’re more interested in using your credit card to accrue some points while still establishing credit. There is no annual charge and a £5,000 annual low-income eligibility criteria.

Best Credit Cards For Students in UK

With low loan limits and cheap monthly repayments, it can aid in credit building. It also gives you access to your credit score, which you can track to learn how it fluctuates and the difference between good and bad credit. This is made possible by its partnership with TransUnion. You can be qualified for an increase in credit limits if you maintain good credit management.

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But the best part is that you may earn one Clubcard point for every £4 (£4 minimum) spent at Tesco and one Clubcard point for every £8 (£8 minimum) spent elsewhere. Even while this earning rate may not seem particularly high, Tesco Clubcard points are incredibly important and useful, especially if you\’re a fan of Virgin Atlantic as it is the card\’s exclusive airline partner.

APR: 27.5% based on a £1,200 credit limit and a purchase rate of 27.5% (variable).

2. American Express Platinum Cashback Credit Card

The biggest point earning potential and some amazing travel advantages. But several of the cards also have significant yearly fees, especially the more expensive cards.

An American Express card is included on this list even though it isn\’t made with credit development in mind because of its extremely lax eligibility requirements. For instance, there is no prerequisite for a minimum income. Although there is an annual charge, it is not particularly high, and the cashback offered is fairly high.

In the first three months of card membership, the card offers a significant promotional cashback bonus of 5% on transactions totaling up to £125. The 5% cashback welcome incentive can be used to your advantage to more than pay for the annual charge.

After the first three months, you\’ll get 1% cashback on up to £10,000 in purchases each year. For total spending over £10,000, which is unlimited, the rate rises to 1.25%. You would receive £350 in total cashback (being £125 + £100 + £125) if you spent the £2,500 in the first three months and then another £20,000 during the remaining nine months of your card membership year.

The majority of students nowadays will borrow money from the Student Loans Company to pay for their tuition in order to repay it later, if and when they are able to do so after graduating.

Although most universities are unlikely to accept Amex as a form of tuition payment, if you are in the position to pay your tuition fees upfront (maybe because you are already in the financial state to do so), see if they can be paid on American Express as it could be a great way to earn some real cash rewards.

For a card with a £25 annual charge, that\’s not a bad return.


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