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Body mater Hi friends how are you today we are going to inform you about a good plan so I request you to read this article till the end to know the complete details of this plan.ICICI Education Loan. This loan gives you the opportunity to fulfill your dream and give direction to your future. Because with this plan we offer you affordable interest rates along with a very flexible repayment period. You can get quick and hassle-free loan processing with seamless payments to international institutes in a very simple manner. One of the main advantages of ICICI Bank Education Loan is the fact that you can save on the interest paid by the Income Tax with low interest rate which is affordable to the common man.When it comes to your child’s future i.e. education, you have real concern about funding for it. You can avail this education loan offered by ICICI Bank.


If you want to pursue higher professional education in India and abroad then ICICI Bank will give you this loan with lowest interest rate as you need it. With the right education loan, you no longer have to worry about your finances. ICICI Education Loan for you, the interest rate starts at a reasonable price so let’s find out now. Now I am telling you what is the interest rate you will incur by taking this loan. By taking this loan you have confirmed 11.75%. So if you want to opt for this loan then you will have the opportunity to take the loan in the shortest time.


You can get a loan up to the amount you want. 50 lakhs if you want to study in India. For foreign studies, you are sanctioned a loan up to a loan limit of Rs.1 crore. Margin is necessary for you to take this loan because you can borrow the amount of your choice as per your requirement and 20 lakhs. Rs. For more loans than 20 lakhs, the margin ranges from 5% – 15%. So it is better that you take as much as you need because the higher the amount you take, the more interest you will have to pay.


Expenses covered by you under the loan scheme may require you to cover college and hostel fees. It also covers examination, library and laboratory fees. Furthermore, it also raises the appropriate travel expenses or passage money for studying abroad. The insurance premium will also cover the purchase of books, laptop and other equipment for the student, along with the cost of purchasing uniforms and other equipment.



You should also note that other expenses related to study tour, project work, thesis etc. are also covered in the loan. For students who wish to study anywhere in India, this loan is applicable to courses leading to Graduate, Post-Graduate Degree or Post Graduate Diploma conducted by colleges and universities under UGC, AICTE, Govt., AIBMS, ICMR etc.


If you wish to pursue your education internationally, you will be offered job-oriented degree or postgraduate diploma and professional courses offered by reputed institutions for students, undergraduate and postgraduate level.

You mentioned that your practice is for students pursuing undergraduate education in India and abroad, with an additional 6 months plus a loan tenure of up to 7 years after completion of the course with collateral.


For post-graduation students in India and abroad, there is an additional 6 months plus a loan tenure of up to 10 years with collateral after completion of the course.Such a useful and good subject is told to you in a very simple manner that you can understand. So I sincerely hope that you will support my website.



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