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Hi friends today I am going to tell you about good health insurance that we need to protect ourselves from health like cancer so I sincerely hope that everyone will benefit from insurance. Because this plan can be useful for us in many ways so it is better for everyone to know about this so I am telling you that you also share it with your friends and family simply discuss about the first insurance plan this plan is very useful for the Cancer persons Oriental Cancer Protect is a customized health plan and it useful for every common people and who is suffering from canceer decease and it was designed to provide the best financial assistance to cure your health after the completion of treatment of cancer.

And this plan comes with a sum insured amount which is useful for every customer and it can be ranging from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 50 lakh by investing you in this plan and now let’s discuss about the complete features and benefits that are providing by using this insurance plan.In this insurance the plan will be useful and also be Coverage for in patient and some other OPD and day care treatment facility will be available for every customer and dangerous desease of cancer are available for every customer who investerd in this insurance plan. By taking this insurance plan the Cost of hospitalization and emergency medical evacuation can be freely offered and also be covered by using this Insurance.And Lump sum amount can be paid up to 50% of the sum assured and it can be defined and insured is paid on the first preference of diagnosis of cancer can be treated under this insurance.

And Both road and also ambulance and air ambulance costs will be treated under this insurance as covered.And there is No pre-policy medical check up will be required for the additional benefits. And extra 5% cumulative bonus for up to 50% is granted at each and every claim free year. And basic Sum insured will be enhancement after every 3 claim free years. Now let’s discuss about second insurance plan of this policy and the name of this plan is Oriental Happy Cash plan this plan is one of the best quality service will be provided for each and every customer and also provides a daily cash and health benefits to the policyholder and it can be free hospital expances for each day of hospitalization.

The plan will be offers a sum insured amount which is always ranging from Rs 500 to Rs 3000 per day this is one of the best option to take this insurance plan. Now simply discuss about the best benifits and features that are providing under this insurance can be explained easily. One of the best insurance plan to take for every family because it was depends upon the Hospitalization benefit as well as convalescence benefits will be useful and also provides a various benifits that are available.

And aslo 25% additional daily cash benefits will be helpful to the customers is granted to women this is the best option by choosing this insurance plan. By taking this insurance both in-patient and AYUSH treatment issue can be covered under this issue as both in one option.And further basis there is No pre acceptance medical check up will be required to take this insurance plan.There is no doubt that everyone will be well benefited as I feel that the benefits of taking an insurance plant are fully understood for you.

And I will also tell you about such useful insurance plans in the next article, so you should invest only after having a complete understanding of insurance. Because health protection is very important these days, everyone has helped themselves a lot by bringing in such insurances. And from time to time I am able to talk about such insurance plans with your favor and your valuable support.

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