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Hi friends how are you in this article we are discussing about power director application because of by using the application they are several advantages and it will useful for professional editing and we are discussing about each and every options in this editing application. And we are explaining this process for beginners of editors. I will provide all the information about this editing software so please follow the instructions then it will useful to to your for editing purpose. And I will provide you the all the information about this software and useful meterial links so please download it from description to edit your project.


Now open the power director application and while you observe the interface there you can observe three options first option is timeline mode, storyboard mode and slideshow creator there are the options will be observed in the interface of power director editing software. Timeline mode is one of the best mode because if you edit your video editing it is the useful and their so many tools and options are available to edit your project. And second option is story board mode it is useful for short films or video editings like cinematic these application will be useful to process.


And third option is slideshow option it is useful to edit the images into a video and it will makes all the images slideshow. And there two more options in interface one is auto mode and second one is 360° editor if you edit only videos then can choose the option timeline editor to process the editing. And if you choose the control A is useful to select all the effects which is available in this software. And you can import and edit the project like images, video, jpg file and some other projects are useful to edit by using this application. And there are two options are available one is import media files and second one is import media folder and there is a difference between this two options.


import media files is only useful to select the content to add to process and import media folder is useful to select the total folder of the editing project. And now use the first option to import the content for editing and you can choose the intro video and choose background music and image can also select to add to edit in this software. Now discuss about timeline option the timeline option is useful for to add transitions filters and effects can be provided in timeline option and you can drag and drop the project from this option. Each and every effect if you adding into this project and it will appears in the display.


And there some other tools which is useful to delete unnecessary part they are several options like split tool, copy tool, duplicate tool and there are so many tools which is useful to edit your project. And if you double tap the project layer then you can observe the green screen, chroma key and some shadows, reflection and flip option and 3d settings and fade option will be available to process. At the same time you can use effects layout effects at same time transition effects are also useful to edit your project. And there you can observe the line in left side and all the options will be available in left side.


If we put it where we play it, the supose is put here as it is there in our video and you can add the intro video and bell icon to process the editing project. And you can add the lighting effects to the project for that the video will be in black screen and you can add the premier option to process and there is split tool and you can adjust the project in different ways and choose the delete button to so choose the option remove and choose control Z. By using this process you can edit the video editing project and you can add the audio file and make it drag and drop.


And now decrease the audio and you can edit then choose the dinamic range output and if you increase the volume it will also increase and if you dedcrease the volume it will also decrease. And now play the project then the volume will be decreased and you can add the image in the video and there are some options like overlite, insert, replace and some option and it will be useful for the editing. And now again choose the option insert and add the image to process the editing. After that choose the option insert and move all the image and you can choose the split tool and choose the ending and you can drag them back and you can replace the image.


And there is a option to trim the video and audio with your options. And now there are several options to process the editing and you can add the option trim only and make the option trim to fit. And now you can add the effects to choose the timeline effects and you can choose the symbols and now choose the track the video will be useful. And it can be defined by using the option will be applicable and you can add the images remove. And you can also add the another video into same editing project and merge by using the options.


And now you can play the video and you need to split the speed and choose the layer empty and drag the video and split the layer and delete. And this is the process to add the video into this project and you can split to add the remaining videos into same project. And if you used to add another track in your layer or additional track it will useful to add the effects to process and you can decrease the object. And you can use the bedding and choose the option webcam to add the video to process the project and there is a stop option to add the webcam.

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Now you can import your photos from your gallery for slideshow and increase the size as a full screen and you can add the different styles to add the project and you can add the audio to edit the project. In this way we can do the editing process using power director application otherwise we need to know about each and every option before the editing process so I will make a video about them as well. If it is a video. And you should also check the materials that the video needs and also the effects that the video will provide. In this way we can learn about the editing process so I will be in front of you with another good editing process in the next article thank you.


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