LIC giving best plan ” DHAN SANCHAY ” what is the feature and how it works. Who is eligible for this scheme – 1003


Hi friends today I am going to tell you about good investments for women in Artile. So you all need to know about these plans completely. Because I am telling you about ways to get high returns on your investment so pay attention. The first one is Public Provident Fund Plan To tell you about this plan in simple terms this plan is one of the guaranteed investments specially for women.

So this plan is one of the most popular investment category. Every woman is very interested to invest in this plan. Because with this plan you can get more profit in less time. However, this plan has a tenure of just 15 years and a minimum of Rs. 500 and a maximum of Rs.1.5 lakhs. Similarly through this plan you can change the rate of interest every year as the rate of interest changes according to the market value based on the conditions and the income of this is generated more.

Not only that, women are given the opportunity to withdraw 50% of the amount completed through this plan for five years. That 50 percent will be given along with appropriate interest. That is why it is being planned as a scheme with high returns and best investment for women in India. This plan will work for you as a weapon to increase your wealth depending on the type of investment you make. The name of the second plan is Kisan Vikas Patra Now let’s know about the benefits of this plan for women.


This is another plan available to any woman who wants to get more return on investment. You may have a doubt where to invest in this plan but this plan should be applied at the post office. This plan will give you a chance to get high returns in a very short period of time. The plan will be completed in just 9 years and five months by the customer of these plans which will provide you with the income. Also you can get an idea of how much you have to invest in this plan. But just by paying just 1000 rupees every month in this plan you will get good profit at the end of your plan because the interest rate will be higher and you will get more returns in less time.

This plan provides you guaranteed risk-free and safe income for women that helps in managing cash flow. Now the third one is bank fixed deposit. This bank fixed deposit scheme is implemented not only in government banks but also in private banks. Why is this fixed deposit? Now let’s know the benefits of fixed deposit. By doing this, after some years, they are given together with interest.

The same fixed deposit will be given to them after the validity is completed, the interest rate of the bank may change day by day, so whoever is making this fixed deposit, I would like to ask you to find out the interest rate of the fixed deposit first and then only if you find the interest rate to be equal, then you should make the fixed deposit.

Even by opting for such a plan, women invest their own money through fixed deposit, but you will be waiting for such a benefit within a few years. Many more such plans will be told about women because every woman who starts their life by themselves should invest and convert the income and keep it as money because it will be useful for them in difficult times.

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