LIC New Scheme – More Insurance with Low Premium “LIC Jeevan Amar – 1030


This LIC Jeevan Amar is a unique plan that will tell you one good thing about this plan is that many people are talking about secure future. If you choose to pay the immediate amount in one go, but this plan is not useful for the policy holder because after the death of the policy holder, it will support their family but will not provide him with a secure life.In the unfortunate times of death it is good to get an insurance policy that provides definite death benefits to your family because in this plan the life insurance company takes a lot of thought and decisions for the family of the deceased. If the policy survives the policy term, the plan is guaranteed to you and if you are alive at the end of the plan, the plan amount will be transferred to your family members after your death without any conditions. Now let’s know about the benefits of taking this plan. This plan is the perfect plan offers flexibility. It happens in two ways though one increasing sum assured and second one is level sum assured and the LIC Jeevan Amar gives the flexibility to select this plan. And this plan gives more benefits for women and they provide special premium rates for womens who are interested to take this plan.

And they will give attractive and unique you percentage in high sum assured. If you taking this plan the accidental writer will also get the benefits and to enhance they base coverage by paying additional premium. And they are several payment benefits can be given so choose the benefits according to the installments that you pay. And now we can discuss about the eligibility for applying the LIC Jeevan Amar plan so please follow the instructions now and I will say about parameters and details of the eligibility.

If you take the plan the policy tenure will 10 to 40 years of period. If you are paying premium paying on and it will fixed as two ways one is 10 years to 40 years and another one is 15 years to 40 years and it is a limited premium tenure so you can pay as soon as possible if you taking this premium. And you can also choose the paying mode of this premium and it can separately divided into yearly, half yearly, quarterly and Monthly. If you want to apply for this scheme the entry age is must be 18 years maximum age is 65 below 65 can apply for this scheme.

And so many members have doubt about maturity period and if you taking this plan the maturity period will be for 80 years and the grace period is 30 days. If you paying this and you need to add minimum sum assured as 25 lakhs 25 lacs is the minimum premium plan for this LIC Jeevan Amar. They are so many benefits on the death benefit option in this scheme. The person who taken this plan will be absence the maturity benefit can be given to their family members as soon as possible and if you paid the single premium 125% will given to your family members.

And you think that there is a maturity benefit will be applicable for this plan no not at all any benefit can given to this maturity period till the policy holder ends his life. If you think I should tell you about more such plans then please visit my website I will tell you about many more policies as well as trading please support me your support is the reason I have come this far so if you support me I will bring more good content in future I will try very hard thank you.

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