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Hi friends in today’s video we will know about the good scheme offered by LIC. LIC’s Jeevan Tarun scheme has been launched but let’s always know about the details of this plan. This scheme is a non-linked limited premium payment plan, the main objective of this plan is to provide an attractive combination of child protection and savings features designed by LIC to enable you.This plan is specially designed for 20 to 24 year olds only as they are not specifically designed to meet the growing needs of children, educational, medical and other needs through survival benefit payments and maturity benefit at the age of 25 years. This is a flexible and attractive plan for you where we pay in stages the proposer can choose the ratio of survival benefits to be availed during the policy term as per the following four options.This plan pays 100% tax free amount to the survivor on maturity. In this scheme 5% will be assured for every 5years.


After that mecturity period completed the 75% of sum assured will be applicable. And if you invest 10% will be assured for every 5years. After that mecturity period completed the 5% of sum assured will be applicable. And also 50% sum assured for every five years After that mecturity period completed the 25% of sum assured will be applicable. For this best benifits will be applicable for this policy starting to for every year for every 20 years of age after that upcoming 4 policys minimum percentage of assured amount will be depends upon their flexibility.

And the mecturity benifit is depens upon which you chooses the mecturity period. And also wasted simple revistional bonos and also sum assured is also included upon the present percentage. The chosen option of this policy shall become as a one of the policy contract and there is no further change in this option as scheme shall be allowed. And this plan also takes care and liquidity that you needs through the loan facility.

The plan that you selected can be purchased by any of the parent or grand parent for the future off their family members which is the age in between a child aged 0 to 12 years. In case a person who is taking this scheme will died on that case there is no tax will be parlid by the users to this policy.

And if there any to pay it be paid by the life insurance company and the burden will not be effected to the uses of this policy holder. In case of death during the term of the scheme, all outstanding premiums are paid as death benefit and sum assured on death, normal reversionary bonuses and finally the additional bonus,

if any, is payable by the scheme. 10 times the amount or the full amount payable on death i.e. 125% of the sum assured is given.The policy scheme mentions that this death benefit should not be less than 105% of the amount paid on the date of death.As mentioned above all premiums are inclusive of taxes, extra Premium and rider premium, if any, is being given.


if there any further related information please consult the nearest LIC (life insurance company) to ask them the details of this scheme and then you can invest the said amount into this scheme if you interested. Please support my website so that the content videos which effort will be very useful for our investment so use my website frequently to know more policies and investments thank you.


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