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Hi friends how are you every day, even if I am not talking about the editing process using various applications, this editing process I am going to say today can be done in Kinemaster and you want to know what this waiting process is. I would like to know the full details of the editing project so that I am talking about the editing process by allocating just for those who are just beginners through this article I am going to say today. First you open the Kinemaster application and you will see the ratio there.


You need to look at the ration you can edit. If you want to edit the video editing you find and choose 9:16 so if you want to edit the video editing so that it can be edited in a full screen so you can see it on a full screen so you can see the lyrical video on any full screen. Then do the editing process by topping on the Creative New option. Which is still there and you will definitely need a background image to do this project first. So you go to the Images option and add it to the background project with the color of your choice. And choose whatever the Background layer and you are add drag the layer of 30 seconds because the video editing can be done only in fraction of seconds.


After that process click on right click and choose the option layer and select media and you need to add the image that means HD quality image and adjust them with fingertips and drag the same layer upto 30 seconds. After that zoom the image and choose the option key frame now adjust the photo free adjust below to ever then the project will be continued after adding the key frame the image will be move below and above to the project.


Now choose the rotation symbol and rotate the photo after that process you need to choose the red lines then the image will be in center. After that arrangement and choose the red line in 15 seconds and now you can add the another key frame and you can adjust the photo slightly left to right side. After that process you can add the key frame in ending and adjust the photo in a effective process. And Now make the image in same place and click on right click then the image will be Swing.


After that process click on audio option and choose the audio which would like to edit in this lyrical video acting choose that with plus icon icon then the audio will be added automatically to your project if the audio length is high then you can trim the total song and you can adjust only 30 seconds lyrical song. And you can listen the song clearly and you can observe the lyrics so according to the song you need to download the lyrics from any browser and have a suggestion you need to keep the lyrics in notepad and simple click on text option and Choose edit text then automatically added into your gallery. And you can drag the lyric layer after 30 seconds and split the layer and you can add the remaining lyrics as per the song you can add the lyrics into the project. After adding all the lyrics click on the first text layer under choose the option font and select the attract to font which will like to process and add it to your project after that click on the same font and at the same font for remaining lyrics.


After adding that you need to add the colours to the text for that you need to add gradient colour to the project because it will attract their total attraction of the lyrics. Now you can add the animation to the project for that click on creditors and choose the option in animation and enable the fade option at the same time you can also add another animation click on out animation and choose the fede option in enable.


After that you can play the project and see the lyrics the lyrics will be most in a cinematic video lyrical editing. And you can enable the shadow option and keep the colour as black as 100 and keep distance as 13% and choose glow effect and enable black color. After that process you need to add the smoke effect to the project and you can choose the text adjustment. Now you can choose the smoke effect and the link will be provided in description so download and add into the project.

Full Project

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