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Hi friends all not know about video editing project 3d animation is very little say so everyone need to know about it so please support because i already said 3 lyrical project now I will tell you what is lyrical video editing using 3d animation effects and I am going to tell you how to do it. So please everyone who is interested please pay careful attention know all the options used in this article and edit it yourself this 3D calculations project is a trending project everyone likes it. And editing is also easy and effortless with a unique perspective and I will tell you the complete editing process in sequence process.

And this project which you are editing can only be created by using alight motion application so what you need to do first is that I have given a beat work project in the description of this project that is also in high quality. So you download it through the link and after downloading click on the file If you do this automatically these beatmark project will be added to your calorie. This type of project is very useful for creating. Also if you are a new editor, you will be asked for the screen ratio and some other information. You have to confirm them and then click on create project and start editing.

And now open the beatmark project and now you need to add the high quality images before adding that choose the option shape and you can add the square shape and you need to keep the full screen and add to the project. And now choose the option colour and feild option and select the duel colour and now you need to choose the centre colour and now keep the colour in center and you need to convert the black colour into white colour. And now you need to choose the dark white color and you need to tap on the shape layer and drag the layer upto below of the text layer.

And we need to replace the song of this project because there is so g but you does not like that you need to tap on that layer and you can choose the option and remove the song and you can add the new song from your gallery for that select the option audio and add into this editing project. And you can add the image in only PNG version so you need to remove the from photoroom application and add remove the background and save the image in high quality. And you can add the same PNG image into this project and you need to adjust the image as per the requirements.

After that process you need to add another photo to this project and this image also in a particular PNG version so you can add into this project after that choose the option and effect and select saturation and vibranes with standard settings and you need to decrease the complete saturation because the image will be in colorful and when you decrease the saturation then it will be converted into black and white photo. And now you need to zoom the image with your fingertips and add to the photo and process the editing and add to the project. And now you need to adjust the lyrics in top or bottom of the photo because in the beatmark project the text will be already provided to the project so you need to done the same particular editng process. After that process and we are not providing any key frame or key animation to the project because I will explain the complete process and how to add the particular project.

So you need to choose the option objects and you need to enable the camera option and now you need to choose the option move and transform and add a starting key frame and not choose the Z axis and zoom the image and the face of the image could be appear.

And now choose the beatmark project and you need to scroll the camera and you need to capture the text of the first lyric which is added to the project. So you can choose the curve option and you can adjust the effects and you need to add the effects to the project for that click on add effects and choose the effect motion blur effect with standard settings and add to the project and now keep the motion blur as 140% and choose the position option and enable the project. And you can add the animation and you need to add the second lyric and you need to capture the text by moving the camera angles and choose the option curve and you can adjust the graph with your fingertips.

After that choose the another beatmark and you need to scroll the camera and add zoom the text and capture and add the graph adjustment to the project.
In this way you can easily create a 3D animation by zooming in on your photo at a set time place and capturing it through the camera option as shown here. Be careful and fully familiarize yourself with all the options before you complete the editing process.

And which is simply adding friends and making graph adjustments and which will return you to your photo and lyrics. I would say this is a good thing because you will know about many more trending project like this and hope this will serve you very well. In this way you can complete your project. I have created many more interesting projects like this. For them and I have created this 3D animation. And create your own text and complete a lyrical project. I have also carefully explained step by step each lyrical project in the form of articles in order to inform you more about Lyrical Video Editing Project School and how it makes sense to everyone who is new to creating. So everyone hope you can create your own using them and all the animations but font and other materials that you have added I will provide them through the link in the description. I see a great opportunity for you to be able to create an editing process using it. And my wish is that you should create many more interesting projects like this and you should also become a good editor. I hope you will continue your valuable time with me and your support should continue in this feature as well I say thank you.

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