SBI Best Scheme – 4,000/- per month for next 25 years & maturity 55 lakhs


Hi friends today let us know about good policy offered by SBI. State Bank of India has designed schemes to provide an opportunity to the general public and investment people.This scheme offered by State Bank of India is called Purna Suraksha Policy.Every living person wants his family to be safe and every person wants that investment is done by bank so i investment is done for its purpose one is to take schemes so that his children will not face any problem even after his death and health insurance any problem related to health No matter what comes through this policy, the profits are given to his family.

Now through the plan that I am going to tell you, State Bank of India has introduced schemes where you can get more profit with less investment. Now let’s know about the benefits of this scheme, which can be availed up to 25 thousand rupees by paying just 350 rupees per month. This plan is no GST tax and no link-up to other taxes. This scheme offered by SBI has very good benefits.

The minimum age limit for this plan is 18 years and the maximum age limit is 65 years.There are five types of policy method for this scheme first ten years second 20 years third 30 years and higher years period also. The minimum sum assured of this policy is Rs.2 crores and the maximum sum is Rs.50 lakhs, so State Bank of India will provide you with benefits based on the amount you invest in the plan you choose.

Also, those who pay early premium will have to pay three thousand rupees, those who pay premium once every six months will have to pay 1500 rupees and those who pay through ministerial installments will have to pay 250 rupees. Premium Pay Mode is divided under Annual Offer, Quarterly Monthly, you can choose the mode of your choice. The policy has a minimum maturity of 75 years. If you take this scheme offered by SBI and you don’t like it, if you decide to cancel it within 15 days then State Bank of India will give you your full amount without detecting a single rupee.

Health insurance is also provided to those who opt for this scheme. State Bank of India provides two types of benefits to those who choose this plan, the benefits that are not available in other plans are provided in this plan. In this plan, the amount will be paid to your nominee in your absence after the maturity of your choice. For those who regularly paying for this scheme, the rate of interest is gradually increasing after a few days.


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