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Hii friends, today I have come to you with another good plan, so in this article I will tell you about the benefits of this plan and why it is useful for whom. This plan is designed so that you invest in this plan so that you don’t have any trouble in the last days of your life. And Canara Bank has given you plenty of opportunity to protect yourself by investing in such plans. Now let’s know interesting about the plan name of this plan is ” SECURE BHAVISHYA ” retirement PLAN. And I will fully explain to you the benefits you will get by investing in this plan as well as the maturity period of the plan and how you should invest in these plans, so I request you to wait till the end of this article.

In this policy the investment risk in your investment portfolio is borne by the policyholder only. Also in today’s busy and hectic life, you do your best for your loved ones. But at the same time you have not planned any thought for your own future and you have to do about your life. Investing in a pension plan is a wise decision to build a retirement corpus that can be used to get and provide you with a steady income after retirement.


Canara HSBC Life Insurance is presenting a Secure Future plan, so it also gives you the benefit of equity participation to potentially enhance your retirement corpus and at the same time it also provides ‘capital protection’ to your retirement corpus. And now let us know about the benefits of this plan. The first is the Guaranteed Maturity Facility where the benefit of 101% of the premiums paid by you is top-up premiums, if any and all premiums due by you are unpaid.

You can pay unlimited top-ups depending on your retirement needs. Similarly you can choose vesting age and premium payment period as per your requirement in this plan. And you get the benefit of paying the annual or monthly premium and you can also choose the mode of payment. Similarly, from the 10th policy year onwards, Canara Bank will add Loyal Teachers to you and after five years the value of your fund will increase.

By choosing this plan you will be the one who has decided that it is a good plan for your life because everyone invests in such plans and this plan will help you to save their family from any trouble in the last days of their life. And by investing in such plans you can get good profits. Also, in your old age, some amount will be given to you in the form of pension every month. So that you will be helped financially as well, Canara Bank will provide you with an assurance that you will not depend on your children even in your last days.

For this all you have to do is to choose this plan and if you choose the plan and you pay the amount of that plan on time then you will get good profits.And the plans also provide you with a death benefit in case you die prematurely, the full amount of the plan is given to your family members. And everyone between 25 years to 70 years of age who choose the plan is designated as eligible for this plan. By paying your full amount on time it also gives you the investment and additional benefits.

Also this plan is useful to improve your health condition during your difficult time. By investing in this plan through my suggestion you will get the right to enjoy your life to the fullest without depending on your family. And the main purpose of Canara Bank offering their plan is that you don’t have any trouble even in the last days as there are many changes in the financial system and rate hikes.

To know more about this plan please consent nearest Canara Bank then you can get a clarification about this plan. So I will provide you more plans like this plan so please support me in future then I will do my hard work to present more plans to suggest for your life Thankyou.

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