What are the advantages of EASY BACHAT PLAN in canara bank, how to invest in this plan to get profits – 1023


Hi friends today I am going to tell about another new plan like this forever this plan is offered by Canara Bank as you all know Canara Bank brings plans that are useful to people and also the rate of interest is given high for every plan taken so in this plan you Apart from doubling your money by investing, you get many more benefits through the plan.


So it is better to see till the end of this article to know more about this plan. The name of this plan is ”EASY BACHAT PLAN” This plan is chosen by you Life is uncertain and always there is fear in our mind, what if I am not around? Keeping your family’s future in mind and investing in this plan for your financial security, we are offering the “Canara HSBC Life Insurance Easy Bachat Plan”, a life insurance policy that will help you plan your savings in a hassle-free manner.



And providing financial protection to your family at an affordable price. Now let’s know about the benefits of choosing this plan. If you pay all the outstanding premiums at the end of the policy year during this premium payment period, you will get guaranteed annual additions. Similarly, if you have paid all the premiums, the guaranteed benefits will also be paid to you on maturity. Also Canara Bank offers you life cover for the entire term while you pay the premium only for a limited period.


A hassle-free purchase process with no minimum requirements and no medical tests makes it easy for you to choose the payment method that suits you. Also everyone who avails this plan will get tax benefits as this plan is tax free plan so no duties need to be paid. What are the benefits of this plan and what are the benefits you will get after the maturity period and any extra benefits will be given to you. This benefit is availed to you in three ways one is survival benefit and second is death benefit and third is maturity benefits. Survival Benefit means a one-time benefit equal to 30% of the sum assured is paid if you survive at the end of the term for which the policy is in force and all premiums are paid, provided the premium amount is paid, Canara Bank states.


Also let’s know now about the maturity benefit of this plan If you survive till the policy term and all the premiums are paid by you then you will get these benefits. Similarly you are saying that on maturity Guaranteed Sum Assured which is equal to 70% of sum assured and guaranteed annual additions are also added to you, similarly on payment of above benefits, your policy will be canceled and no further benefit will be paid to you. Similarly you will get death benefit through this plan as this plan is tax free plan so you will not have any problem on death benefit.



Taking this plan will benefit you and your family members as well. Even if you die, your family members will get the benefit, so no matter what the plan is, you will get a good return on your investment. Also, your investment will be profitable only when you get profit for every investment you make. By having these plans you can get plenty of it.And more and more of these will be brought to you through articles every day about more and more beneficial plans.

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