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Hii friends today I am going to tell you about another good plan and request you to read this article till the end and know the complete details of that plan. Because by investing in such plants, you will not only double your amount but also get benefits, so if you have any trouble through the benefits, you will get a way to compensate for it through this plan. Even if you are not there, your family can also benefit by investing in such plans.

And now let’s know the complete details about this plan that I am telling today “POS BHIMA PLAN”. Canara HSBC Life Insurance POS – Easy Bima Plan is a pure term life insurance plan where you return the premium on the maturity date. Also, this plan is specially designed so that you can provide affordable and hassle-free protection to meet the needs of your loved ones by opting for this plan. It can also be said that it is a hassle-free purchase process without your minimum requirements and medical tests. Similarly in case of any accidental death you will be provided bubble life cover through this plan. Also, your entire premium will be refunded if you pay all the premiums due till maturity through this plan on time.


Also you can choose the policy term by paying the premium which is convenient for you according to your needs. Similarly, if you choose this plan, you don’t need to pay any work, by paying this plan on time, your full amount will be given to you and you will not lose even a single rupee because this plan has tax benefits and no tax will be applicable on it.

Also this plan will benefit you in every way as you will get the benefit of death benefit as well as sum assured and also accidental death benefit sum assured through this plan. In case of your accidental death the waiting period of 90 days from the date of commencement of the accident will not apply to you. Please note that once the above death benefit is paid by you, the policy will be canceled and you will lose further benefits as well.

Note: You should also note that Accidental Death Benefit Sum Assured is equivalent to Death Benefit Sum Assured. Likewise For details about accidental death benefit, please go through the terms and conditions of this plan at a glance to get a complete understanding. Death benefit payable Along with Death Benefit Sum Assured, you will also get Accidental Death Benefit Sum Assured through this plan. In case of accidental death waiting period of 90 days from the date of commencement of accident shall not apply to you.

So after paying the above mentioned death benefit the policy will be canceled as per your intention and no further benefits will be paid to you. If you survive till the maturity of your plan and the policy is still in force, the entire premiums paid will be refunded. Tax benefits also apply to you You do not have to pay income tax and you can also get full tax benefit.

And I want to inform you about many more interesting plans that you can do by patronizing my website so please patronize my website often so that you will be fully aware of these plans and if you want to know the complete details of this plan you can also contact your nearest Canara Bank for full benefits. Know about. I would also like to thank each and every person who supports me through this website.

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